How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Need

By: Jeff Brendan

Have you ever woke up and felt like going to bed immediately? Many times, we may wake up and feel so tired that we wonder whether it could be sickness. This is what is referred to as sleep disorder. You could not believe but almost one out of nine people would be experiencing sleep disorder.

The problem is even more evident in school and work environment. It is reported from various surveys that twenty percent of school going teenagers experience sleep disorder.

Sleep is a physiological feature that every animal needs. It provides an opportunity for the body muscles to rest and recoup their energy. Note that most organs that would not take a break. This includes the brain and the heart.

Lack of adequate sleep will manifest itself in various ways which are referred to as sleep disorders. Some of the known symptoms are irritability especially in the bowel. The individual would fall asleep in class or workplace. Waking up in the morning becomes difficult and may also be accompanied by difficulty in concentration. If left unattended, sleep disorder may degenerate to depression.

Sleep is not optional for life. It is a necessary for the well being of human being. Scientific research has proved that a human being requires at least eight (8) hours per day. Others have argued that there is a difference between the minimum amount of sleep time that men and women require. Ilchi Lee writes this school of thought suggests that men require at least six hours while women require at least eight hours. However, there is not much evidence on the variation so required hours of sleep.

Having at least eight hours of sleep would lead to several benefits. The right amount of sleep will lead to a healthy living. Some of the benefits of adequate sleep include repair of cells, adequate release of hormones and stronger immune system. Let us discuss each of the benefits of adequate sleep.

By having adequate sleep, the body is provided with time to repair cells. This opportunity is accorded by the reduced activity of cells. Usually, a good proportion of energy and cell process are used up by the activities such as metabolism, breathing and heartbeat. During sleep time, the limited energy is taken up by these activities leaving little for cell repairs.

Another benefit of an eight hour minimum sleep time is the increased hormone production. This is most important for children who are still developing. The hormones released during sleep time are those that assist the growth of bones. They also aid in formation of new tissues and new blood cells. The immune and nervous system also benefits from cells regeneration.

About the Author:
Jeff Brendan is a"> Dahn Yoga student and enthusiast. Jeff is practicing Dahn Yoga as well as Brain Education and Brain Enhancement for last 4 years. Jeff Brendan is doing research work at Eastern Meditation. His main subject of interest is Tao Follow-ship. He also is researching philosophical work of Ilchi Lee About world peace.


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