Teens, Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

What's up with sleep? It may seem like a waste of time when you've got so much you want - and need - to do. But sleep can help you do better in school, stress less, and generally be more pleasant to have around. Sound good? Now consider some possible effects of not getting enough sleep:

  •     Feeling angry or depressed
  •     Having trouble learning, remembering, and thinking clearly
  •     Having more accidents
  •     Getting sick more often
  •     Feeling less motivated
  •     Possibly gaining weight
  •     Having lower self-esteem

How much is enough?

Experts say most teens need a little more than nine hours of sleep each night. Only a tiny number get that much, though. Are you one of the lucky few who can manage with less? Or are you slipping up on sleep? Here are some ways to see if you're getting enough:

    Do you have trouble getting up in the morning?
    Do you have trouble focusing?
    Do you sometimes fall asleep during class?

SOURCE: girlshealth.gov. Getting enough sleep.


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